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1. Clean grill, ordinary house! Finishing is at least as important as the baking itself: always clean your grill after use, especially the grill. It's best to do this in a lukewarm state - yes, we have the least pleasure with a full belly - but in this case we can easily make our grill clean with a wire sponge. At the next barbecue we will be grateful to ourselves!


2. Work ahead! It is worth marinating the meat the day before so that the spices penetrate the fibers as much as possible. When making shashlik, soak the wooden sticks in cold water so they don’t burn!

3. Be patient with the fire! Remember that - in the case of a charcoal grill - the really good embers need time, take at least 30-40 minutes to heat it up. When inviting guests, prepare appetizers: it can be perfect with a cheese dipping toast or vegetable strips. Never bake on fire, but on embers, so our food is perfect.

4. Always have baking products close at hand! Be it a small table next to the grill or a built-in worktop for the grill, one point is: the home grill master doesn’t have to run around for spices and ingredients: once everything is prepared, working by the fire is a much more rewarding task. Yes, we can also make a refreshment for the self-sacrificing owner of the house. :)


5. Work goes oiled! In addition to the meats and vegetables on the grill, it is also advisable to lightly coat the grill on the grill with oil to make the steaming food as little as possible. Larger bites are also much easier to move on the oily grid.

6. Do not dry the meat! When frying meats, preferably turn them with tweezers instead of forks to lose as little of the valuable juices as possible. There is nothing better than a deliciously fried piece of meat: the goal is to make crunchy, crunchy, soft snacks on the outside. One more tip: restrain yourself when shooting, because the less often you rotate, the better your chances of achieving the perfect texture.

7. Beware of fire! Have an oven glove at your fingertips: you may need to touch a hot thing and no one wants to have unpleasant experiences of having fun.

8. Don't forget anything on the grill! The grill also brings out the most interesting characters from the vegetables: their slightly sweet-smoky taste and their crunchy yet soft texture make them favorites. Always pay attention to them, if the grate is hot enough, they can be ready in just a few minutes, as opposed to the cooking time of more serious meats for up to half an hour.


9. Treat fish professionally! If you’re frying fish (a good idea!), Expect it to be more likely to stick due to its lower fat content. In this case, a nice clean grill grid is especially important, to which the roasting fins can stick less. In the case of fish fried together, the filling can come after the preparation and cleaning, then we can simmer it and it can be fried. When frying fillets, be prepared that there is no longer what holds them together, so it is advisable to use a fish grid, foil tray or buttered aluminum foil. In addition to tuna, salmon and other popular sea fish, we can boldly experiment with self-catching carp, buses and, of course, trout.

10. Don’t put too much food on the grill at once! If the ingredients are hanging on top of each other, they will not be grilled, but will be cooked, so we should place the baked goods on the grill more airy. So the food is made a little slower, but believe me, it's worth the wait. Let’s enjoy the cooking, then the delicious flavors, right down to the last bite!

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